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Every home and every property is unique.  Every appraisal should be unique too, depending upon the needs of the client and the purpose of the report.

Russell Appraisal Service provides real estate appraisal services to all areas of Wayne County, Indiana and Fayette County, Indiana including the communities of Bentonville, Boston, Cambridge City, Centerville, Connersville, Dublin, Economy, Fountain City, GreensFork, Hagerstown, Milton, Pershing, Richmond, Webster and Williamsburg.

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Banks, savings and loans and credit unions all choose Russell Appraisal Service.

UAD, FNMA, FHA, USDA, REO, HELOC Sounds like alphabet soup!

For appraisal reports that comply with the ever changing governmental rules and regulations, lenders rely upon Russell Appraisal Service.  For quality appraisal reports with competitive pricing and turn times, give us a call.

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Individuals, Buyers & Sellers

Individuals don't need appraisal reports with the lengthy commentary and forms required for mortgage appraisals.  The market value of the property is no different in a report prepared for an individual or a lender, but the report is different.  Appraisals prepared for individuals are shorter so they are less expensive.  They are written in plain English with common sense reasoning that is easy to understand.

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Attorneys, Trustees, Executors and Accountants

Real estate appraisals are often needed for legal, tax or financial reasons.

Attorneys, accountants, trustees and financial planners depend upon the accurate, unbiased valuation services provided by Jennifer Russell and Russell Appraisal Service.

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