In addition to full and drive-by appraisals for purchase mortgages, refi's, home equity loans and REO properties, we also provide complete Appraisal Review Services.

Desk and Field Review reports are available for pre-funding collateral evaluations as well as post-funding retrospective reviews for appraisal quality assessments and portfolio compliance.

Russell Appraisal Service produces high quality professional appraisal reports.  We provide great attention to detail and offer excellent customer service with reasonable fees and turn times.


Individuals, buyers & sellers

When homeowners or potential buyers want an independent, unbiased opinion of the market value of a property, they contact Russell Appraisal Service.

We analyze the market and tell you what we think the property is worth, based upon current market conditions and our extensive research.

If you are thinking about selling your home we can assist you in establishing a reasonable asking price.  Do you want to buy but don't know what the property is worth?  We can help.

We can also assist homeowners with appraisals for PMI removal and we can provide assistance in filing property tax appeals.


attorneys, trustees, executors and accountants

We regularly assist clients in establishing property values to settle estates or to estimate property values in divorce proceedings.

Retrospective valuations require special expertise and research.  We maintain an extensive database of property sales in Wayne and Fayette County over the past 25+ years which is utilized to estimate the value of a property on a specific date in the past for legal or tax purposes.

Contact Jennifer Russell for high quality, confidential, professional appraisal services that the courts and taxing authorities require.


Russell Appraisal Service

provides independent, unbiased real estate valuation services on single and multi-family residential properties, manufactured homes and proposed construction.


Rural and historic properties are one of our specialties, including properties on the National Register.


Our Service Area

In order to provide our clients with prompt, professional appraisal services, we limit our coverage area to properties in Wayne County, Indiana and Fayette County, Indiana.  This allows us to stay on top of trends and developments in the local markets.

Our coverage area includes the communities of Bentonville, Boston, Cambridge City, Centerville, Connersville, Dublin, Economy, Fountain City, GreensFork, Hagerstown, Milton, Pershing, Richmond, Webster and Williamsburg.

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